Here you can find a range of free and printable resources that have been created to help us curate a stunning sustainable wardrobe. Meaning we can not only have a collection of clothes that make us feel great as we wear them, but also make those involved in the production of the garment feel great…

Garment Wear Count Labels:

Print out as many labels as you need, cut them out, attach them to the hangers of your garments and fill them in. With a space at the top for a tally of how many times you wear each piece, and reflective questions to remind you of why you love that garment, valuing our clothes and their stories has never been easier!

garment wear count labels pdf



Sustainable Shopping List Template:

Using this shopping list, we encourage you to strive to not only think about what item you want to buy and where from, but also the efforts the company make to keep their work sustainable!
Sustainable Shopping List Template pdf (2)


Keeping Sustainable Outfit Planner:

I created this outfit planner to help you get the most out of your pre-existing wardrobe. Complete a quick sketch in the space provided, and consider the questions to ensure that each piece in your wardrobe is seeing the light of day. Here we go, let’s get creative with our styling!

keeping sustainable outfit planner template

outfit planner

Sustainable Fashion Lingo Glossary:

In this glossary you can find all the terms and phrases you need to grow your knowledge for your own journey into slow fashion, but also to help in other people’s.

Please Note: This resource is a continuous work in progress, and is regularly being updated with new definitions. 

SF lingo glossary

Capsule Checklist:

Part of our ‘Curating A Wardrobe’ series, this free resource aims to help you envision a sustainable wardrobe constructed of simple, versatile and stylish basics that can be transitioned from season to season. With a checklist of different garments associated with each season, as well as blank spaces to add your own ideas, this resource will help the planet-conscious dresser within you shine through. Also, do not worry if you do not own all of the items on the checklist, and do not feel as though you must go and buy them – that is not the aim of the game – the purpose of this resource is to get you thinking more deeply about how different garments can serve different functions. Enjoy!

Capsule Checklist