Sustainable Fashion Reading List

Today I thought I would share with you a list of books that outline the issues and innovations surrounding the fashion industry, and its more sustainable efforts. Educating ourselves is one of the sure-fire ways to start building a strong foundation for a more ethical industry, so hopefully these book recommendations will help along the way!


  1. The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black – A great collection of articles and essays collated in a series of chapters that span marketing to design.
  2. Green Is The New Black by Tamsin Blanchard – The perfect introduction to sustainable fashion, looking at celebrity culture and alternatives to high-street.
  3. Fashion Made Fair by Ellen Kohrer and Magdalena Schaffrin – Filled with beautiful images and interviews with designers making a difference, this book is a great point of reference.
  4. Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie – Absolutely fell in love with this book and the tips it gives for living life towards a purpose.
  5. Sewing Hope by Sarah Adler-Milstein and John Klein – An intimate look into the Alta Gracia factory that aims to change the sweatshop model often used in fast-fashion suppliers.
  6. Naked Fashion by Safia Minney – Another great book filled with essays and articles that are perfect to refer back to for constant inspiration.book5
  7. Rise and Resist by Clare Press – Disclaimer: this book isn’t 100% about sustainable fashion, it also includes chapters covering women’s rights, plastic waste and even zero-waste lifestyles, meaning it is filled to the brim with a vision of a brighter world.
  8. Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart – Offering a close look into the proposal for a cyclical fashion industry, this is a must-read for anyone looking to change the system.
  9. Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard – Written by the founder of outdoor brand Patagonia, this book serves as a field-guide for anyone working or aspiring to be a part of the industry.
  10. Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press – This book is often suggested for anyone who is questioning the fashion industry, as it pulls back the curtain on current industry practices, as well as efforts to be more eco-conscious.
  11. To Die For by Lucy Siegle – Yet another great read for fashion-lovers who are beginning to realise the detrimental effects of our shopping habits. This book will make you reconsider your love-affair with fast-fashion.


And there we have it, a list of books that can help shed light on some of the most prominent issues in the fashion industry. Of course this is not a comprehensive list, there are many other books out there written on this topic, and I most certainly have not read them all, but this is just a little place to start and a launch pad for many more sustainable fashion discoveries to come…



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