Relight The Fire With Your Wardrobe

If lockdown has you feeling out of love with your wardrobe then not to worry, let’s relight that fire with your clothes! I know that I have certainly been browsing online, daydreaming about the times when I had to plan outfits and get dressed up for events, only to find myself feeling guilty as I have plenty of beautiful clothes already. So, as it is known that the most sustainable clothes you can find are the ones already in your wardrobe, I have found myself trying to reconnect with the clothes I own and reigniting the spark, excitement and love I have for them. So today I am going to share some tips and tricks I have come up with whilst sifting through my wardrobe, and planning new looks.


Spend time with your clothes

I know this may sound slightly strange, but hear me out. In lockdown we have had a lot of time and if you’re struggling with unproductivity like I have been, spending time observing and looking at each individual piece of clothing, imagining new outfits and trying them on is a great way to kill some time. Almost as though you are shopping for your clothes all over again!


Perhaps, if you are feeling tired of your wardrobe, reordering your clothes may be a way to re-jig those vibes and start seeing different pattern, style and colour combinations that you didn’t before. I know that whenever I am feeling out of sorts with my clothes, and find myself unnecessarily leaning to buy new ones, rainbow ordering my clothes instantly lifts my spirits, bringing a joyful mindset to my wardrobe.

Research (aka scroll through Pinterest…)

Another brilliant way to find inspiration for the clothes you already own is to search for style inspiration by typing in the keyword of the garment you want inspiration for. This is a great way to accumulate images of outfits you like the look of and could easily replicate with the garments in your wardrobe.


My final tip for relighting the fire between you and your clothes is to find fun and new ways to uplift the styling of them. Perhaps it is tying a shirt in a knot at the bottom instead of classically buttoning it all the way down. Or maybe it’s wearing a dress over a t-shirt to give it a new neckline. Or it could even be as simple as rolling up the cuffs of trousers to give them a summer vibe. There are thousands of small, creative ways to uplift garments you may be feeling tired of, so get playing and experimenting!

cl 3

So, there are my top tips for reigniting the spark with your wardrobe, but remember, the most important part is to have fun with it! Remember you bought these clothes for a reason and it is completely natural to feel out of love with your purchases over time, especially when we’ve all been stuck at home in sweatpants for so long, but instead of disposing of our clothes and going on a hunt for new ones simply because we want to feel the excitement of the new again, let’s realise that this excitement and enthusiasm for our clothes is already in our wardrobes – so let’s have fun…


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