Fashion Revolution Week 2020: What I Learned

It has been two weeks since the virtual events of Fashion Revolution Week hit our screens, which has given me plenty of time to look back and reflect on what I learned during the conversations, workshops and talks that took place. The whole week was a stimulating and empowering experience, with insights into sustainable fashion from designers and activists alike, including Bethany Williams, Phoebe English and Orsola DeCastro to name a few. Today, I thought I would share with you the five key takeaways I got from Fashion Revolution Week 2020.

fash rev3
1. Orsola DeCastro suggested that, when choosing our clothes in the morning, we should consider ‘not just the colour, but the memory it brings back.’
2. Phoebe English, in her workshop Quilting with waste, spoke about how society used to have a different relationship to fabric, whereby it was seen as the precious resource it is. I was really inspired by English’s thought that we need to return to this ‘precious’ mindset, in order to have a better relationship with fabric.
3. On Tuesday, as part of the Fashinnovation NYC summit, Bethany Williams discussed her involvement with social projects, such as The Magpie Project and rehabilitation schemes. Williams’ combination of business and social enterprise shows how we should all be intentional with using our platforms for the greater good.
4. My favourite quote of the week: ‘Sustainability is a horizon, it’s a long walk. There are many ways to walk to that horizon – choose your own way.’ – Simone Cipriani
5. In Friday’s Fashion Question Time, it was raised that the next generation have lost a strong appreciation to craft, making me think about how we can change this through effective education, discussion and the sharing of skills.

fash rev12

It feels great to be able to look back over these five lessons and begin to see a pathway of hope to creating a more sustainable fashion industry, and I’m sure you feel that way too! Thank you for reading, and hopefully you have taken away a slice of inspiration to stimulate your own action towards sustainability, however big or small that action may be – every step is one in the right direction.

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