Fashion Revolution Week of DIYs: Sunset Fabric Tapestry

Wow, suddenly we have come to the final day of Fashion Revolution Week 2020, which means today is the final DIY that I will be sharing this week on the blog. So let’s finish on a high, with a nod to summer, through an easy-to-make sunset fabric tapestry, that brings joy to any wall you hang it on!

You will need:
– Fabric scissors
– Black embroidery thread
– Needle
– Fabric scraps
– Pencil
– Plain fabric
– Wool (optional)                                                                                                                                     – Glue


Step 1:
First, cut a rectangle, the size of an A4 page, out of your plain fabric.

Step 2:
Start cutting out a semi-circle and four rays of sunshine out of your fabric scraps, to make a sunset pattern. I did mine by eye, but you could definitely draw and plan your shapes out first.

Step 3:
Glue your shapes in place, leaving an inch of space at the top of the fabric for the thread.

Step 4:
Use a pencil to sketch some wave patterns underneath your sunset, to form the sea.

Step 5:
Using black embroidery thread, sew along these pencil lines.

Step 6:
Cut small slits in each of the corners, and thread some wool, or your embroidery thread, through them and tie it at the top to create the hanger.

Step 7:
Find a place to hang your tapestry and feel the summer vibes!

So that’s it, the end of Fashion Revolution Week 2020. I hope you have enjoyed creating with me this week, I know I have most certainly enjoyed it and found it fascinating how much you can do with fabric scraps! Thank you so much for following along, and just because the week has ended it doesn’t mean we can’t always think of fresh, creative ways from preventing our unwanted clothes from going into landfill. Keep creating,

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