Fashion Revolution Week of DIYs: Fabric Flower Choker

This week seems to flying past as we land on the final weekend of Fashion Revolution Week, but do not fear, as we are making the most of these last two days with some more DIYs! Today we are going to be using fabric scraps to create an elegant flower choker that can translate from a spring/summer daytime look, into eveningwear as well.

You will need:
– An array of fabric scraps
– Fabric scissors
– Ribbon (long enough to tie around your neck)
– Needle
– Embroidery thread


Step 1:
Cut a selection of different sized circles out of your fabric scraps.

Step 2:
Gather the circles together, from the middle, to create flower-like ruffles. There is no correct way to do this, so feel free to play around and see which technique of gathering works best for you!


Step 3:
Use the needle and thread to secure the ruffle in place, by sewing the bottom of the gather. Do a few stitches over the top of each other, and pull the thread tight to keep it in place. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all of your circles of fabric.

Step 4:
Begin sewing your fabric flowers onto your ribbon. Start at the centre of the ribbon, and layer the flowers under each other as you attach them, in order to hide the stitching.

Step 5:
Once all your flowers are secure, use the ribbon to carefully tie the necklace around your neck (please do not pull it really tight, it should be comfortable for you to still breathe), and enjoy your new accessory!

And there we have it, a simple-to-make choker necklace that will be a versatile asset to any accessory collection for this spring/summer season. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the final DIY of our Fashion Revolution Week of DIYs.


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