Fashion Revolution Week of DIYs: Painted Print Jean

For today’s DIY we are going to be breathing new life into an old, torn pair of jeans. So grab your paint supplies, brushes and imagination, and let’s get making…

You will need:
– Paint brush
– Fabric paint of any colour
– An old pair of jeans

j (2)
Step 1:
Decide what pattern you are going to paint on your jeans. You can make a sketch on paper first if you want, or I just used inspiration from Ecosia Images of mud cloth prints. You can then also map out where you would like to put your print on your jeans.

Step 2:
Begin painting your chosen pattern on the front of your jeans.

Step 3:
If you want, you can also paint a back pocket to carry the design onto the back of your jeans.

Step 4:
Make sure you read the instructions printed on the bottle of your particular fabric paint, to ensure you wash your jeans, inside out, at the right time!

Step 5:
Put on your jeans and strut your stuff in your new, upcycled look!

Thank you so much for following along with this DIY, and I hope you had as much fun painting as I did. I love how, with just a bit of paint, we can breathe new life into the jeans that use 20 – 40,000 litres of water to make, along with a t-shirt.                                            Cathryn


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