Fashion Revolution Week of DIYs: Woven Magazine Coaster

Welcome to DIY number four! This week seems to be flying by… Today, I thought we would focus on another element of the fashion industry not typically thought of being unsustainable, and that is the magazine/print sector of the fashion industry. To print the number of magazines that an agency like Vogue does, includes an extensive and draining process, that uses a lot of our water supply, energy and pollutes chemicals and gases. Therefore, today let’s recycle these fashion magazines by making a beautiful, and practical, piece of home décor.

You will need:
– Fashion magazines
– Glue
– Scissors


Step 1:
Tear out some pages from the magazine. You can choose colours that you like, or patterns and prints that stand out to you, or you can just pick them at random like I did, so the final result ends up as a surprise!


Step 2:
To make strips, fold over roughly a centimetre of the paper. Then place glue on the folded side, and fold it again to stick it into place. You can then cut the strip off the piece of paper by carefully trimming next to the edge of the fold.



Step 3:
Fold your strip in half and cut it, so that it is small enough for a coaster. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you need for the amount of strips you want, depending on how big you would like your coaster to be.

Step 4:
Lay down the strips for how wide you want your coaster, I used eight. Then begin to weave another strip into them by placing this other strip over, under, over, under, over etc. the original eight strips.

Step 5:
Repeat the process of weaving more strips into the original eight, but alternating the overs and the unders to create a weave pattern. For example if you had just done over, under, over, under, the next time you would go under, over, under, over.


Step 6:
When you have finished weaving, fold down the loose edges over the weave and then glue them down onto the coaster to secure the edges in place. Repeat this for all four sides of the coaster.

Step 7:
Think to yourself, “Wow! What an amazing job I did!”

That’s it! That’s all it takes to recycle old magazines into a stylish piece of homeware that has brought joy in the making process, as well as the final result. I hope this has shown you how the fashion industry’s waste issue spans all sectors of the fashion industry, not just the making and consuming of tangible clothes, and how we can all work to reduce this waste through reuse and upcycling.


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