Fashion Revolution Week of DIYs: Fabric Collage Art

Day 3 of Fashion Revolution Week brings with it our third DIY! Today we’re using super easy, fabric collage to make a piece of garment illustration. I used fabric scraps, from sewing, in my illustration. However, if you have a favourite item of clothing that no longer fits, or is broken, you could use the fabric from that, and draw a miniature version of you wearing it so you still have the memories of that garment.

You will need:
– Plain card/paper
– A pen
– A pencil
– Fabric scissors (or sharp scissors)
– Paper scissors
– Glue
– Rubber
– Tracing paper (optional)
– Fabric scraps/old clothes
– Photo frame(s)


Step 1:
Draw around the back of the frame to bring the paper to scale.

Step 2:
Draw the outline of a person wearing clothing, using pencil. I kept mine anonymous with hidden facial features to allow it to fit my minimalistic aesthetic, but you can include a face if you so desire.


Step 3:
Decide on which part of the illustration you would like to accent with the fabric piece. I kept my art to one piece of fabric per picture, again to keep the artwork simple and minimalistic. Use tracing paper (or eyeball it!) to transfer the picture of the item of clothing onto the fabric. Then cut it out.

Step 5:
Glue the fabric pieces onto the paper in place.


Step 6:
Use a black pen to draw over the pencil outline and the edge of the fabric. Then rub out the remaining sketchy pencil lines.


Step 7:
Cut out your illustrations and put them in their frames. Now be proud of your creativity!

I love this DIY for how effective and impactful it looks once finished, despite it having a simple process that only takes a morning! Thank you for reading and creating with me – I hope this DIY can serve as a reminder that no amount of fabric should be disregarded as ‘waste’, when it can be turned into something creative and artistic, allowing it to avoid contributing to the figure of fashion being the second largest polluting industry in the world.


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