Slow Fashion Season By Collaction

According to the report ‘Wrap: Valuing Our Clothes’, by the government’s waste thinktank, each household, on average, spends £1,700 on clothes annually, and this excessive spending leaves a massive 350,000 tonnes being sent to UK landfill at the end of each year. However, as the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit emphasised, it is not the time to be afraid or pessimistic, it is the time to … Continue reading Slow Fashion Season By Collaction

Recapping The Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019

The 15th and 16th May marked the 10th anniversary of the yearly Copenhagen Fashion Summit: an event in which designers, CEOs, activists, business leaders and entrepreneurs all gather to discuss the issues of the current fast-fashion model, but most importantly the actions that can be taken to spark change towards a more sustainable version of the wardrobe we all know and love. And this year’s … Continue reading Recapping The Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019

Sustainable Fashion Lingo: Organic

Dictionary definition: (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. A big example of how the fashion industry strives to be organic in its production is the use of organic cotton, as opposed to conventional cotton. According to sustainable fashion brand People Tree, farming organic cotton ‘helps lock CO2 into the soil, helping … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion Lingo: Organic

Lessons Learned From Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week was officially 22nd-28th April, although mine was extended to an extra week in order to host a swap shop for the cause, and throughout the week many of us came together to shout loudly and proudly about the need to know the answer to #whomademyclothes. Events were hosted across the globe, panels were spoken on and numerous social media images were posted … Continue reading Lessons Learned From Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week 2019

This week marks the official Fashion Revolution Week 2019, seven days within which people from across the globe come together to spark change within the fashion industry, and demonstrate that the people, and environment, behind our clothes are just as much an important factor as the products we buy. This week is also very close to my heart as it was through Fashion Revolution Week, … Continue reading Fashion Revolution Week 2019

In The Spotlight: Eco-Age

As the founder of the consultancy firm ‘Eco-Age’, Livia Firth has worked with numerous companies to promote more sustainable practices in the fashion industry and beyond. So, in this new segment where we highlight innovators, brands and businesses that are curating a much more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, I thought that today I would start with ‘Eco-Age’, as they strive to be inclusive, encourage … Continue reading In The Spotlight: Eco-Age

Book: Wardrobe Crisis

Clare Press is the sustainability editor of Australian Vogue, as well as the author of the highly informative and game-changing book, ‘Wardrobe Crisis’. With chapters spanning the issue of real fur being used in garments, the birth of fast fashion and the decline of the department store, I found this book to be a real eye-opener on so many levels. Therefore, I thought I would … Continue reading Book: Wardrobe Crisis