2018 has brought with it the return of the British Heart Foundation’s hit campaign; #TheBigStitch! This is an online campaign which aims to encourage people to get creative and all for a good cause. The challenge? To select a piece from one of their many stores over the country, transform the garment into a new piece and add it to social media in order to … Continue reading #TheBigStitch

Exhibit: Diana; Her Fashion Story

On a recent visit to Kensington Palace, London, I had the opportunity to explore their latest exhibition, ‘Diana; Her Fashion Story’, which spans some of the best designer outfits and dresses that the icon wore over the years. Though, the exhibition focused mainly on informing us about her style as well as unique attitudes towards fashion, clothes and her partnerships with designer talent, there was … Continue reading Exhibit: Diana; Her Fashion Story

Learn: Fashion Revolution Online Course

Throughout our daily lives we are consistently learning as we absorb new information, but only in certain circumstances do we mould this information and shape it into something that is functional yet beautiful, leaving it to pave the way for us to change lives and the world we live in in a positive way. One of the best ways to increase our productivity and use … Continue reading Learn: Fashion Revolution Online Course

Thrifting Tips

Following on from Thursday’s post which encompassed my recent finds from London’s thrift stores, I wanted to share with you some of the lessons I learned as well as tips I kept in mind whilst browsing, in order to hopefully encourage and make it easier for anyone else who decides to walk towards a more sustainable era. For a first time thrifter and long time … Continue reading Thrifting Tips

Exhibit: Fashioned From Nature

Education is the seed to all action, and on visiting the ‘Fashioned from Nature’ exhibition exclusively at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, it was clear to see that many seeds were about to be sown. The exhibition itself was a two-floor display of fashion either inspired or derived from nature, along with statements concerning the consequences and steps towards a better, cleaner future. … Continue reading Exhibit: Fashioned From Nature

Upcycling Through Block Printing

In the modern era our common thread of thought is to abandon something when we no longer like it, whether that be a meal, activity or our clothes, our first instinct is always to chuck it away. But it is important for us to realise that this pivotal action is rapidly leading us towards negative impacts concerning the environment, through the secretion of greenhouse gases … Continue reading Upcycling Through Block Printing