Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life

  Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson’s most recent exhibition at the Tate Modern is a charming mix of installation, photography and sculpture. Discussing themes including public space, social responsibility and climate change, the colourful, immersive exhibition is a chance to ponder our role in society as well as the natural world. The sense of temporary community that Eliasson builds throughout the experience, as well as his … Continue reading Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life

Curating A Wardrobe: Mindful Purchasing

Welcome to a brand-new series! As summer finally arrives bringing the sun and, according to Barnardo’s, 50 million more fashion purchases, I thought it would be an excellent time to launch a new Cathryn Amethyst series titled ‘Curating A Wardrobe.’ The aim for this series is to encourage us to think more carefully and mindfully about how we purchase our clothes as well as, and … Continue reading Curating A Wardrobe: Mindful Purchasing

Exhibition: Mary Quant

A recent workshop at the V&A gave me the amazing opportunity to visit their most recent exhibition consisting of work from the swinging sixties’ designer Mary Quant. Throughout the exhibition, which was beautifully arranged into the timeline of the expansion of her fashion empire which spread from simple pieces into makeup, stockings, underwear and a diffusion line, I felt extremely inspired. The simplicity of her … Continue reading Exhibition: Mary Quant

Slow Fashion Season By Collaction

According to the report ‘Wrap: Valuing Our Clothes’, by the government’s waste thinktank, each household, on average, spends £1,700 on clothes annually, and this excessive spending leaves a massive 350,000 tonnes being sent to UK landfill at the end of each year. However, as the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit emphasised, it is not the time to be afraid or pessimistic, it is the time to … Continue reading Slow Fashion Season By Collaction